Ver a vida a passar pelos olhos

Um estudo que reporta os resultados de apenas uma amostra biológica, neste caso, de um paciente que morreu enquanto estava a fazer uma ressonancia magnética, mostra que provavelmente no momento da morte a vida realmente nos passa à frente dos olhos. Segundo os ciêntistas, este fenómeno é um misto de sonhar acordado e relembrar memórias.

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T cell response in Sars-CoV-2 immunity – a review by Paul Moss


A wide range of studies have shown that the T cell response is a
critical component of immune protection against SARS-CoV-2.
This should come as no surprise. Cellular immunity is essential for
the protection of multicellular organisms, and coronaviruses have
co-existed with Homo sapiens over long periods of time. Evidence
now suggests that SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell responses are essential for viral clearance, may prevent infection without seroconversion, provide robust memory, and mediate recognition of viral
variants. They are also elicited after vaccination, where they may
underpin outstanding protection against severe infection and death.
Antibody responses are clearly also highly effective in clinical protection, and their analysis has been facilitated by relative ease of
detection and assessment. Cellular responses remain more difficult to study, but this challenge is now being addressed during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

A nice read, that can be found here:


Ok, I just made up that word but if it ever catches up, it was said here first!
I have stumbled upon a brief first-hand account of the issues caused by space flights, and could not stop thinking whether healthcare and research should start looking careful into some of these topics, considering the commercial space flights and the possibility of inter-planetary migration.


Last week in Nature there was a summary of articles on ageing. Interestingly, they concerned not just the biology of ageing, but also the social-economic aspects.

It is known that with increased life-span and decreased natality, the burden of an ageing population is increasing – with governments worldwide trying to find ways to ease the pressure. While I believe that a big aspect of taking care of the elderly concerns keeping their independence, which can be promoted by targeted and well-thought Digital Health interventions, one cannot disregard the molecular biology of ageing. In one of the pieces from Nature, inflammation, stress and isolation, as side effects of the COVID-pandemic, are highlighted as mechanisms capable of contributing to accelerated ageing.
You can read it here: