As a PhD student, one of the running jokes we had in the lab was to call people by their numbers: “Postdoc number 7, have you submitted your paper yet?” is a “(in)famous quote” attributed to me. Myself, I was PhD number 4.

As much as this was supposed to be funny, it really stemmed from the feeling that we were chosen to carry on a project, but anyone else could have been chosen instead. Most importantly it seems that once someone arrived at the lab, no effort was put into understanding how to best work with them, or even exploit ways to best use their capacities.

One reason for this, is of course, lack of time as PIs are supposed to put on so many different hats and perform at so many different levels. As much as can understand it, I still can´t quite accept that at the end of the day, what seems to suffer the most is: the education of PhD students and the quality of the courses lectured at undergrad level.

“Science” speaks about it in this article:

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