I have decided not too long ago that I was going to pursue my career in academia. After a tough PhD, I have to say that this sounded the craziest idea that I could have… So, how did I get into this decision? After working a while as a microbiologist analyst, I realized that routine is not my thing. I finally understood that is the ability to use my critical thinking, asking questions and improving every day, which drives me and makes me happy. Thus, my decision was easier than it seems and as someone told me recently, I already did my PhD grief.
Importantly, I do not regret the decision to try a “kind” of industry in Portugal as I learned a lot about myself! (I say a “kind of” because I know from many friends that working in industry can also be challenging, which was not my reality). I can much easier deal with the pain of no results than the pain of having the same routine every week. Thus, I don´t feel as these 7 months were a waste of time! On the contrary, I realized that industry job is not what I idealized and I have now a different perspective of what I want to do career wise!
Therefore, I have recently joined a new lab! If I may give an advice, go ahead and endorse projects that you think suits you! Even if they don’t, you will always learn something from them!

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